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The Rise of Maldives as the world’s top tourist destination: History and Statistics

11 months, 1 week ago

Who would have thought that a bunch of small islands scattered in the Indian Ocean is set to be one of the world’s top tourist destination today? To them, a country with no bank, no airport or even electricity on the islands—is not ideal as a tourist destination, let alone sustain tourism as an industry.

The first group photo of the tourist from Italy to Maldives.

The following years, tourists started flocking Maldives dozen by dozen, especially that no passports were needed at the airport.

Maldives today has the reputation as “the destination spa”, some tourists, travel especially for it, seeking relaxation and chill.

Tourism in Maldives started picking up in 2009.

A total of 655,852 tourists visited the then starting Maldives, catapulting the country’s tourism industry in ways no one dared imagined back in the 80s.

In February 2015, the Maldivian government recorded an all-time record of 120,468 tourists that visited the Maldives in February 2015, as the highest recorded in a month so far in the history of Maldives tourism.

In December 2015, the tourist arrivals in Maldives jumped 15% from December of 2014, one of the biggest leaps in the tourism industry of the country.

On the first month of 2016, Maldives welcomed over 100,000 tourists, with an impressive 11% jump from the previous year’s statistics.